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How To Clean Sperry - Cleaning Janitorial Supplies.

How To Clean Sperry

how to clean sperry

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how to clean sperry - Authentic Original

Authentic Original Boat Shoe

Authentic Original Boat Shoe

What would a wardrobe be without Top-Siders? Designed for those who virtually live on deck and for those who never step foot on a boat, Sperry combines the ultimate casual look with high performance features necessary for demanding boaters. With the timeless Sperry style, quality construction, and cache, the Authentic Original is the only boatshoe for the purist. The Full Active Comfort System and genuine handsewn moccasin construction allow for a comfortable, personal fit. Full-grain leather upper and rust-proof eyelets with fully functional, rawhide lacing system make the A/O adjustable and secure. A shock-absorbing heel cup provides for cushioning and comfort. Plus, the razor-siped rubber outsole is filled with EVA for added cushioning and support. Available in Narrow Sizes 8-12 and 13; Standard Widths 6-12, 13, 14 and 15; Wide 7-12, 13 and Extra Wide 8-12, 13 (half sizes available).

80% (7)



Sperry agreed to model for me while I played with a monolight. Sort of. Strobist: Interfit EX200 at "30" power through a softbox camera right; on-camera flash at 1/32 power (for triggering). You can see catchlights from the on-camera flash.

Sperry Rail Services.

Sperry Rail Services.

My Walthers Sperry unit on a trestle bridge on a friends layout in Montana.

how to clean sperry

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