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How To Keep Tile Grout Clean

how to keep tile grout clean

    tile grout
  • A rich or strong cementitious or chemically setting mix used for filling tile joints.

    how to
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Tile Grout Crack

Tile Grout Crack

Infrared thermography has seemingly endless uses in building investigation. In this particular case swelling had occurred in the floor covering. With the thermal camera CBC was able to show exactly where the water was infiltrating the wall. The blue horizontal line near the top right corner of the picture shows a crack in the tile grout which allowed water to enter the wall. The water then continued down the wall and under the floor covering.

Shiny tile

Shiny tile

Many of the buildings were sided with tile. Most did not look as good as this. In fact, it made most buildings look dingy. You know how hard it is to keep the grout cleaned in your bathroom? Same concept.

how to keep tile grout clean

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