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Neva Dinova Spring Cleaning. Cleaning Bathtub Drains. That Clean Your Colon.

Neva Dinova Spring Cleaning

neva dinova spring cleaning

    spring cleaning
  • Clean (a home or room) thoroughly

  • the activity of cleaning a house thoroughly at the end of winter

  • Spring cleaning is the period in spring time set aside for cleaning a house, normally applied in climates with a cold winter.

  • In the spring, after a long winter, when the snow melts and it gets warm people like to clean their house because it feels like the right time of the year to do it. It has the feeling of freshness which is appropriate in the springtime.

    neva dinova
  • Neva Dinova is an indie band from Omaha, Nebraska. Neva Dinova is named after the grandmother of lead singer Jake Bellows. They have been on crank!

neva dinova spring cleaning - One Jug

One Jug of Wine Two Vessels

One Jug of Wine Two Vessels

Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova, both from Omaha, are longtime friends and mutual fans. Both bands have supported each other for years - long before the overwhelming mass notoriety that has enveloped Bright Eyes. Talk of doing a joint release has been bouncing back and forth between them for what seems like eons - yet hectic schedules have continuously delayed the project. Finally, they found some time. Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst plays guitar and sings backup on the Neva Dinova songs, and Neva Dinova plays some music and sings backup on the Bright Eyes tunes. The result is a mystifying, infectiously melodic blend of the two bands' styles that will leave no fan dissatisfied. Recorded by Conor Oberst and Jake Bellows in July 2003 and mixed by Mike Mogus shortly thereafter, "One Jug of Wine"...also features members of The Faint, Cursive, Rilo Kiley and more!

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Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

It's never too early to start on spring cleaning! I'm starting with my closet. :)

Please see my profile for details.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Why is it that when doing the mega-Spring-clean, things always have to get so much messier before they get tidier?

neva dinova spring cleaning

neva dinova spring cleaning

Hate Yourself Change

With the stripped down simplicity of a guitar and a voice, Jake Bellows, Neva Dinova’s leader, opens the album with "Hat O'er Eyes" and sets the mood: "He wears his hat o'er his eyes / And he's trying to keep it on / Says he's sick of living his life / And he's tired of being alone." From those first words to "I've Got A Feeling's" final barroom, sing-a-long power-chorus of "The world's a shitty place / I can't wait to die," Neva Dinova's The Hate Yourself Change guides you through an inspiringly despondent menagerie of musical mastery. Neva Dinova is a beloved Omaha band that first blipped on the nation’s radar when The Los Angeles Times called their eponymous debut one of the "Top 10 Releases of 2002." When they released a split-EP with Bright Eyes called "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels" in the middle of 2004, we were reminded of just how special Neva Dinova and their lead-singer, Jake Bellows, are. Picture the better parts of Coldplay, Mazzy Star, The Cure and! maybe even Johnny Cash, mixed with a mid-western innocence and the type of melancholy that makes you tap your feet and hum along. Now wrap that up into eleven incredible songs and you begin to understand Neva Dinova's latest tour de force. Jake has deftly managed to write an album that is at once filled with lyrics of sorrow and despair as it is packed with musical interludes of hope and exhilaration. The Hate Yourself Change is destined to catapult Neva Dinova further into the realm of worldwide acknowledgment as it will make you wonder why the mindless synthetic rock of today's radio overshadows the honesty and integrity of bands like Neva Dinova. The fact is, Jake Bellows isn't a depressing guy, he just plays one on this record — and, fortunately for us, he does it exceptionally well.

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