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How To Clean Leather Shoe

how to clean leather shoe

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Day 12, 13 & 14: epic childhood purge

Day 12, 13 & 14: epic childhood purge

Given away today: Partial stage costume for Gertrude in Hamlet. Small suitcase, long past usefulness. Large box full of CDs. Old clothes. Old blankets. A million trinkets. A leather passport cover. Scarf. Poufy petticoat from my wedding dress. Boxes of old crappy jewelry. Baby clothes. Things like: an old kite string winder, or placecards, or "meaningful" rocks, or or or.

Since I couldn't get to the giveaway on Sunday, and Monday they were closed for Labor Day, this morning I brought in three days' worth of giveaways in one load, which was about six medium-size boxes, the large plastic bin in the front, and assorted things on top (puffy petticoat, suitcase). More than enough to make up three days worth of giveaways!

Not seen here is the massive recycling bin (50 gallon size) completely filled with grad school papers, random paper nostalgia from childhood and adolescence and college. Every time I thought I had sifted through the last box and tossed it into the bin, I'd dig back into the closet and find another box of papers, course readers, drafts from papers. I kept one small folio of grad school final papers from some of my favorite professors, recycled a ton of others. Recycled notebooks from college, grad school, grade school. Goodbye, all of it.

Things I did save: a letter home from my first year at college. Letters from Leah and Heidi and Raheli. A fold-out map from Boston. A compilation of short stories written by my classmates in the style of Calvino's Cosmicomics.

It felt huge and hard and weird to recycle stuff like: the tourism brochures from Goceano in Sardegna where I spent spring break in 2000, or the pages from Vogue Italia I ripped out and had on the walls during junior year abroad, or the postcards I kept that used to adorn my room at Haven-Wesley, or a copy of the newspaper article written about me in middle school. Tons of stuff like that.

I noticed this weekend that there were several times where I wanted to stop and declare and end to things, not because I was emotionally done, but because the amount of work I'd done was huge and it felt like a natural stopping place; but since this is a thirty day project, not just a random project, I kept going back to closets I'd thought of as 'done' and kept finding more and more and more stuff to give away, recycle, trash. The closet in my daughter's room is a good example, because it's gone through three stages of cleanout, each of which was its own project, and TWO of which have happened during this month's project alone:

1. Months ago I did a massive reorganization and consolidated some of the boxes and reordered others, in order to fit a small dresser in there. Penny's closet is finally "clean" I told myself! Even though I'd only really reorganized one side of it.

2. Earlier during this project I dug into the piles (and piles!) of baby clothes, located on the other side from the dresser cleanout project. I tossed TONS of baby clothes into the donate pile, kept a few things for nostalgia's sake, and hung up tons more that are waiting to be tagged and brought to the consignment sale next week. Penny's closet is "done" I told myself!

3. Yesterday, I pulled the dresser back out of the closet, and finally went through each of the boxes that had been stored behind it -- finding MORE stashes of baby clothes, old shoes, old hats, grad school papers, proofs and unassembled copies of old zines, CDs untouched for years, books to donate. This was also when I found my favorite red halloween wig, which nearly made me cry I was so happy to find it, having thought it was lost or donated years ago.

And you know what? Penny's closet is still not technically done! Even after THREE massive purges/reorganizations. Because there is still a shelf of things that could be cleared off, another shelf of Christmas things that could be consolidated with the Christmas stuff in the downstairs closet, and other randomness like the cat's airplane carrier bag that could go to the garage but hasn't yet...etc etc etc.

This is a lot of thinking out loud....doubt anyone's read this far...but I'm just thinking about how crazy it is that in each of these organization rounds I have thought "it's done" and it's actually been very, very far from done. And also, when I dig into boxes that I think contain a lot of "must keep" items, there is a surprising amount of crap. Goodbye, crap.

shake @ fuddruckers

shake @ fuddruckers

hmmm this photo magically appears some 3 days later??? this was taken saturday and sent via mobile phone.....we met my parents at fuddrucker's their choice....I ordered the munchkin his coveted cheeseburger with chocolate shake.....he actually asked for beans and did not want fries....i have an odd child

anyway this photo was a mere happy shot all was well and I was not fuming...that occurred a mere 2 minutes later


my beloved, adorable child

without intent and in utter exhuberance knocked over that tall full chocolate ice cream bomb onto gramma, the floor, the table and in her words "all overy my shoes"

I was in a not great mood, but hearing her say in "her" tone how we could not control our child, and it was all over her shoes......had me wiping it up with small paper napkins, the amount on her leather shoe, singular shoe, was less than the size of a quarter.....i was on my hands and knees using millions of paper napkins on gooey icky sticky mess.............all while the vibrator for our food being ready was going off and the other adults were not retrieving it ...hence cold food meant to be hot,

not a great time and hubby admitted I scared him the way that I violently tried to clean up

the restaurant offered to replace the shake, we decline saying we preferred he eat the food.....which he did fairly well

oh yes another parenting moment in need of valium

how to clean leather shoe

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